Purchase Plans for the SkySpringer (AMA Member)

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Plans - SkySpringer Plan #1116 Click the button below to purchase this plan. (Your transaction will be processed securely with PayPal.) A shipping fee will be applied at checkout. You will have the opportunity to review your order, including shipping, before finalizing.
Quanity (second plan half off)


Why won't the plans print for the sky Springer????

the free plans, I'm trying to download the plans for the Skyspringer but your website wants to charge me $12.60 for the plans. I'm also a AMA member. In ModelAviation 10/2019.

Hi Ted. Try downloading them here: http://modelaviation.com/clark-salisbury-skyspringer.

Runs the correct number of pages but print is too light to be usable. Is this a flaw or do the plans need to be ordered on the Pay Plan?

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