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Electric models continue to grow in popularity, but unforunately, the batteries that power them sometimes have a reputation for being unsafe.

A mishandled battery can be dangerous, but with the proper care your batteries should give you flight after flight of worry-free enjoyment!

We stopped by Batteries America to talk about tips for battery safety and learned that avoiding the temptation to cut corners can help modelers get off on the right foot.

First, invest in a quality charger. Your charger breathes life back into your battery and interacts with it after every flight. A high-quality charger is designed to maintain your battery for long life and safe use. The same rule goes for the battery itself. Quality components may cost a little more, but as we all know, you'll get what you pay for!

Don't cut corners when it comes to charging either. While a fast charge might be tempting, slower charges will prolong the life of your battery investment.

Sounds simple enough, right? Like most things, it turns out that a little common-sense goes a long way toward a long and problem-free battery life. Next time you head out to the flying field, take a second look at your equipment and see if it's time to set up your battery game.

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