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Video with AMA's Greg Hahn
Online exclusive video tutorial on fiberglassing.

The Academy of Model Aeronautic's Greg Hahn shares how to fiberglass a model. He discusses the appropriate tools, preparation work, and the proper technique to apply fiberglass.

Share any fiberglassing tips or experiences in the comments below.

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Great how-to. I haven't done much fiberglassing, but am getting to the point where I'm needing to learn and use the technique more and more. Great video that answers many questions for the fiberglassing newbie, like me.

I'm a little surprised Greg didn't mention that epoxy is a skin irritant and excessive exposure can result in sever skin irritation. He, and all users, should be wearing disposable gloves and long sleeves for this messy job.

Great tips - I've always wanted to learn how to do this! Thanks.

Excellent video and commentary Greg Would be great to have a follow up with the next steps up through painting. Very Well Done!

Thanks for the GREAT!! videos on fiberglassing!! As a kit builder (fairly new) I have always wondered how to achieve professional results. Keep up the great work and I look forward to more instructional videos for kit and scratch builders.

I enjoyed watching this video. I would like to try this on my next project. Hope that there will be a follow up video.

Thank you Mr. Hahn for sharing your knowledge! You just took the "scary" out of my wanting to do this! I have a project plane I want to fiberglass but I couldn't find anyone willing to show me "how to".

PS. I love reading your articles as well!

the only thing better would be if greg lived next door terrific video will be doing a boat shortly thanks greg

Excellent video, simple & straightforward, dealt with major areas of the 'Fiberglass Process'!
We live in British Columbia, Canada, & are unable to procure 'Denatured Alcohol'.
We are also unable to procure the Z-Poxy 'Epoxy Resin & Catalyst' products.
Can you recommend an alternative to both the Denatured Alcohol which you successfully use as a thinner & the Z-poxy products. Thank You in advance for your continued support & cooperation. Kind Regards, Alan Weaving, for my father, Tom Weaving.
I hope to use the fiberglass process in my trainer aircraft build & my father wants to use this process in his R/C model sailboat & RAF Air Sea Rescue HSL Launch builds.

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