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AMA President Bob Brown
Two months ago I mentioned the negative aspects of our FAI program. Recently, I met with Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) Secretary General Jean-Marc Badan to discuss some of the issues. I also met several members of the FAI staff.

The meeting was positive and their progressive philosophy might be what the needs. The FAI Aeromodelling Commission (CIAM) also elected a new president, Antonis Papdopoulos, from Greece. I have known Mr. Papdopoulos for several years and feel his presence will be enlightening.

Considering the positive views of these gentlemen, the Academy and the NAA has put forth an invitation to the FAI Executive Board to host its August 2012 meeting at AMA Headquarters in Muncie, Indiana. I hope the invitation will be accepted and those in power will be able to witness and comprehend our positive aspects.

Next month we will meet with representatives from all of the air sports organizations in the United States. That meeting will be an attempt to understand the needs of all of the FAI participants in the United States.

I am optimistic that the outcome of this meeting will provide a more unified philosophy directed toward FAI activity. With all of this activity, we hope the AMA, NAA, and FAI have a more positive and productive relationship.

The FAA Saga Continues

The saga of the FAA continues. I certainly can say that the past month has provided little, if anything, of positive comment. It is becoming apparent the FAA interpretation of the recent Congressional Act is not the same as that of the Academy.

We have problems and every member of the Academy should realize this. One of the issues is the proliferation of the NOTAM/TFR. We recognize this and have attempted to rectify it, but have met a deaf ear by the government. We will continue our efforts but everyone should be aware that the upcoming presidential elections will certainly generate concerns with more NOTAM/TFRs.

Ron and Jane Morgan

Ron Morgan has decided that this will be his last year as manager and CD of the AMA Nats. I am sure Ron and his wife, Jane, will be missed in future years. Anyone who has competed in the Nats in Muncie has to have appreciated the Morgan’s efforts.

I hope Ron will not totally retire; his services are invaluable. Please join me in thanking Ron and Jane for their devotion to AMA!

Dave Guerin will work with Ron at this year’s Nats and assume the managerial position in 2013. The Nats will continue to be the highlight of competition within the structure of the Academy.

A special thank-you is extended to the other directors, managers, officials, and competitors who make the Nats possible. If you have not had the pleasure of competing or spectating, why not do it this year? Information about out National Aeromodeling Championships can be found at MA

Bob Brown
AMA Executive Vice President

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