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Model Aviation Volume 38, Number 6

Table of Contents

The President's Perspective

The Inside Loop


Scratch-Build Tool Kit


Orlando Helicopter Blowout

Aerobatics Column Interview with Quique Somenzini

About the Cover:

E-Fest serves as a refuge from the blustery winter weather and allows all who appreciate park-size, electric-powered aircraft to fly in a wonderful indoor venue at the University of Illinois Track and Field Armory in Champaign, Illinois.

The aircraft present are as varied and impressive as those seen at larger outdoor flying events. Sean Cassidy’s 1/19-scale Vickers Vimy garnered a lot of attention thanks to its high level of detail and graceful flight. It won a much deserved first place in the E-Fest Scale contest. Photo by Mark Fadely.


Thanks for including a feature article for model rockets in the June 2012 edition of Model Aviation (begins on page 45). As a collector of vintage modeling magazines, I know that Model Aviation's distant predecessor, American Modeler, had a monthly model rocketry column for a while, and would occasionally print articles on rocketry contests and building. It has been a decade since I last launched a model rocket, but I still have my gear and even a small collection of Estes rockets that reflect ones I owned as a kid in the 1960 and 1970s.

Isn't it time to make the entire MA magazine available over the internet. A member could elect to receive the issue each month via his e-mail. If enough members did this, there could be a tremendous savings to AMA and perhaps those who choose a digitally delivered magazine could get a slightly reduced membership as well?

Hi Jim-

We are excited to announce that we will be launching both a digital edition of the magazine and a tablet magazine app. The digital edition, we're calling the "Model Aviation Library" will allow you to view every issue page by page from 1975 to the current issue using any internet ready device. And in the coming months you will also be able download a tablet magazine app for Model Aviation on the iPad and other devices. The magazine app will be rich with extra slide shows and videos. More information coming in our August 2012 issue!

what is a good beginner plain i have ben looking at the sig kadat senior is that a good plain

There are some great beginner planes in the market. We suggest you get in touch with an area club and speak with some of the members. They can help you determine a good introductory aircraft. We also encourage you to keep an eye out for our September issue - we review a new beginner airplane, the Horizon Hobby/Hobby Zone Firebird Stratos RC Plane.

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