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Written by Model Aviation staff
A "Worth A Closer Look" review in the December 2011 issue.
Online exclusive video and abridged article.

Model rockets have come a long way throughout the years and, as are RC aircraft, available in smaller sizes that are ready to go right out of the box.

Quest Aerospace provided us a sample of the company’s new Micro-Rocs that are offered in four different sets. We received the Space Pioneers Dual Set that includes a Saturn V moon rocket as well as the Space Shuttle.

Also included in the box are a complete launch system, recovery wadding, and six engines and igniters. We also received the Critical Mass Single Set with all the support equipment. The only thing a budding astronaut needs to supply is a 9-volt alkaline battery to power the launch controller.

These RTF micro-size rockets have an average length of 5 inches and require only a 50-foot diameter launch site with a maximum altitude of 75 feet. All of the rockets employ a streamer recovery method to further ensure that they land nearby, making them a great choice for smaller launch sites.

Any of the starter sets can be operational in minutes, but it’s important to read the instructions thoroughly. The Micro-Rocs deviate slightly from most larger rockets with the installation of the igniter.

With this set, the included igniter is slid into a paper sleeve and positioned on the igniter holder on the launch pad. The rocket, once prepared with the engine and recovery wadding, then slides down the launch rod and the tip of the igniter is positioned in the engine. This method is simple and works well; just ensure that the tip of igniter is not bent or twisted.

Following the instructions we had several successful launches, and as advertised, the rockets were easily recovered well within 50 feet of the launch pad.

The Micro-Rocs include all the excitement of rocketry in a smaller package for those who don’t have the space for the larger models. As with all Quest rockets, additional motors and igniters can be purchased separately.

Quest Aerospace Inc: Box 2409 Pagosa Springs CO 81147; Tel.: (800) 858-7302; website:


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