Plans-Build Winner Announced

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Model Aviation's promotion to discover the best plans-built aircraft View all the entries, voting results, and winning aircraft by Rich and Gene Jorn.

We asked you to send us your Model Aviation plans-built aircraft. We were impressed with all the entries, it is great to see our members building such beautiful aircraft! All contestants who submitted an aircraft received a 40mm double-sided commemorative AMA coin.

Once we gathered all the submissions, we posted the aircraft online. For one month we invited everyone to vote for the best plans-built aircraft.

At 11:59pm on October 14, 2011, we tallied the results and are pleased to announce that "Ole Reliable" received the most votes with 13.54%. We will be working with Rich Jorn to get his aircraft a spot on the cover of January's Model Aviation.

You can view all the aircraft below as well as the final results. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Model Aviation Plans-Built Rankings:

Ole Reliable by Rich Jorn 13.54%

Rocketeer A by Rich Minnick 11.52%

Gipsy Moth by Carl E. Mohs 8.18%

Blue Birds by Alastair Brennan 7.47%

Russian MiG-3 by Bruce Curlette 6.26%

Gee Bee Z by Matthew Petrie 5.56%

Dewoitine D-338 by Al Painton 5.15%

Black Beauty by Don Coulter 4.75%

Piper J-3 Cub by Johnny W. Gibson 4.55%

Mr Chips by Michael O'Donnell 3.84%

Gimlet 40 by Paul J Kramer 3.64%

AG-1 Agrivation by Ken Lawrence 3.54%

Golden Age Bi-Plane by Eric Ruggles 3.43%

Panther II by John Sinclair 3.33%

Cap 21 by Paul J Kramer 3.13%

Senior Slow Motion by Paul Hasselbach 3.03%

Big Bingo by Paul Hasselbach 2.53%

Cruiser 60 by Gary Hines 2.32%

Texan II by Donald Butman 2.22%

The Parakeet by Dawson Guillaspy 2.02%

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