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Written by Model Aviation Staff.
As featured on page 14 in the January 2012 issue.
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Although Horizon Hobby has been developing some amazing helicopters for intermediate and expert pilots as part of the Blade lineup, the company hasn’t forgotten about the cost-conscience consumer.

With a price point of $49.99, the new Blade Scout CX RTF is sure to be a hit this holiday season. This wallet-friendly micro helicopter comes with everything needed to become a successful chopper pilot, including four AA batteries for the transmitter.

The 2.4 GHz game-style transmitter also doubles as the battery charger and takes approximately 30 minutes to recharge the 3.7 volt, 70 mAh battery. The transmitter also has dual rates built in and can be switch between settings by pushing in on the right stick. You will hear a fast two-beep tone confirming the change.

The Scout’s controls differ from other Blade helicopters; the rudder (yaw) control is on the right stick, leaving only the throttle on the left. If you have never flown a helicopter before, you won’t notice the change. If you have, you might need a couple of flights to stop trying to move the left stick to control the tail.

On low rates the helicopter is docile and locks into a hover and holds it well. We handed the controls to a couple of co-workers who have never flown a helicopter and they were able to keep it airborne with little or no trouble.

The high rates allow the Scout to move out smartly and are quite lively for a coaxial helicopter, allowing pilots to grow as their skills progress.

The Scout is lightweight—0.6 ounce—and can take some abuse. We found the average flight time to be approximately 6.5 minutes of continual flying. If you plan to fly it often, pick up a couple of extra batteries ($4.99 each) because we can’t get it charged fast enough to satisfy all the requests we have to fly it.

Blade: 4105 Fieldstone Rd., Champaign IL 61822; Tel.: (800) 338-4639; website:

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