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Model Aviation Volume 38, Number 9

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Tiger Moth XL-716

Aeroworks Freestyle Extra 260

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About the Cover:

What pilot wouldn’t be thrilled to fly the Tiger Moth along the coast and take in the fresh air and freedom that being airborne in an open cockpit biplane provides?

The full-scale Tiger Moth G-AOIL, which crashed in 2011, bore the colors of the Royal Navy as XL-716. It was built in 1940 and flew approximately 2,188 hours. It was licensed to operate passenger flights and was based at Compton Abbas Aerodrome in southern England.

Gary Ritchie crafted a beautiful 1/5-scale rendition with help from Bob Holman plans and a set of laser-cut wood parts, vacuum-formed fairings, and a fiberglass nose.

Photo by Gary Ritchie.