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Written by Model Aviation staff
A "Worth A Closer Look" review in the December 2011 issue.
Online exclusive video and article.

Flyzone and ItCanFly have teamed up to release the Überlite 2-in-1 RTF set. Using innovative snap-n-fly technology, Überlites enable pilots to fly multiple airframes by simply exchanging one compact flight module between them.

Included in the RTF set are two airframes (one monoplane and one biplane), a 2.4 GHz radio, flight module, 3.7V LiPo battery, charger, and four AA batteries. The included charger resembles a USB thumb drive and allows the battery to be charged using any USB port.

Don’t have a computer handy? No problem, the charger can also be plugged directly into the port on the lower right of the transmitter.

Magnets are at the heart of this innovative design and are used to attach the battery to the charger or airplane, as well as to attach the flight module to the included airframes and those that can be purchased separately. This magnetically attached module contains all on-board electronics: motor, radio gear, and LiPo battery.

The monoplane airframe has a 16.1-inch wingspan weighs 0.6 ounces. The biplane has a 14-inch wingspan and a weight of .7 ounces. The optional wing airframe has a 9.5-inch wingspan and a weight of 0.6 ounces.

The included transmitter is another key feature of the Überlites. Its mixing dial allows for aircraft using different forms of control to work with it. The included models are flown while set at position 2 and the optional wing operates on position 0.

The transmitter also includes a bind/trim reset button, trims for both sticks, and a USB charger port (as mentioned previously).

Getting the Überlites ready for flight requires the flight module to snap in via magnets, to the fuselage and the elevator and rudder linkages. Turn on the transmitter and snap in the battery, and after confirming your control surfaces are responding properly, you’re ready to fly.

The two included airframes fly using rudder, elevator, and throttle. The optional wing airframe uses mixing to provide elevator and aileron control. The landing gear is removable and any of the airframes can be hand launched or launched from a hard surface.

As expected, the airframes provide different flying characteristics. All are capable of performing a loop, with a slight dive, and all are capable of outdoor flight in calm conditions. We found the wing airframe to be the liveliest, thanks to its use of ailerons.

The included 65 mAh battery provides decent duration, but we found ourselves wanting a couple extra, which can be purchased separately, to get more stick time on the different airframes.

All of our flying with the Überlites has been outdoors and we are looking forward to flying them inside at some of the upcoming indoor venues, where changing our flying style will be a “snap.”

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