In the September 2018 issue, author Terry Dunn discusses using hook-and-loop tape on batteries in electric models. What issues do you have when using hook-and-loop tape?

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I struggle with finding the right balance between holding strength and ease of removal. A few airplanes have suffered...
28% (680 votes)
I just use a strap; one small square of hook-and-loop tape, and I'm set for all of my flights!
52% (1248 votes)
I'm still deciding if the hook or the loop should go on the battery...
9% (222 votes)
If it's not electric, it's not a problem!
11% (255 votes)
Total votes: 2405


What a waste of time that article was on such a mundane matter. Really! You cant figure it out? I guess this sort of thing is problematic for a ARF/RTF kinda guy? This is what the sport has come to. What is the right side to put the velcro on the battery?

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