First F3S Jet Precision Aerobatics Championships

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2018 F3S Jet Precision Aerobatic Championships
The inaugural F3S Jet Precision Aerobatics Championships took place at the International Aeromodeling Center (IAC), in Muncie, Indiana, on September 1 and 2, 2018. We wanted people to know that the event was going on. We hoped for 10 to 15 pilots who were really were into it to show up. We ended up with six, which was fantastic! All six were very good competitors—five being Unlimited International Miniature Aerobatic Club, Tournament of Champions, or FAI F3A winners. One pilot came out for his first aerobatics contest ever, and it was great! We accomplished everything we wanted to, which was: 1. Have fun and do something new. 2. Get F3S started in the US. 3. Have pilots provide input for all of the proposed changes for 2019, including flying the F3S P and F sequences. 4. Get people to come and see what the contest is. 5. Build some good ambassadors to help modelers in their areas get started. The feeling was electric ... and no doubt, we had/have the right pilots. We even started the event with peer judging! I need to thank a few people for their undivided help: Archie Stafford, the score keeper; den mother, Tara Stafford; behind the scenes, Wayne Matthews; and for the beautiful awards, John Bradley. From the AMA: Bill Pritchett, Mandee Mikulski, Julia Bladen, and Matt Ruddick.


This is exciting news. A new AMA event and for electric jets. How great is that.
The word will get around and next year you will have a lot more pilots entering this event.
I did not see a report of a crash in this event and that is good. Be nise to see some video of this event.

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