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Modeling While Aging

Written by Anonymous

Sparring Sparrows

Written by Mike
Park Pilot member describes flying on a farm with nature's aviators

Ron Bouchard's e-Elf Biplane Senior

Written by Ron Bouchard
Ron Bouchard discusses his e-Elf Biplane Senior

Ron Bouchard's Midwest Aero-Star E-40

Written by Ron Bouchard
Ron Bouchard discusses his Aero-Star E-40

Don Brann’s Piper PA-18

Written by Don Brann
Don Brann discusses his Piper PA-18
Featured in Stan Alexander's RC Scale Column in
Model Aviation June 2015.

Barnstorming, Sea Planes, and Aerobatics - Oh My

Francis Reynolds shares a conversation from his friend George.
Bellevue WA

Kitbashing a VF-84 F-5E Jolly Rogers

Roel Cruijff

Interceptor gets a facelift

I had some skull and bone decals lying around so I figured the F-5E kit would look amazing with it. It's currently standing next to an F-22 from the same fighter group!

Flight Brings Back Memories

Howard Moore
Round Rock, Texas

Goldberg Jr. Falcon takes to the skies again

Willing to Share Knowledge

Blake Walston
Perry, Georgia

Hi modelers and potential modelers

Here's a Good Story!

Lane Cobb
Newbury, Vermont

It has a sad beginning, but a happy ending!

The story concerns events on a recent Sunday morning but actually has ties back about three weeks ago to the maiden flight of my Mountain Models Little Bogie. We’ll come back to those ties shortly but first…

Jacksonville Propkickers Hold Fly-In

Roger Russell
Jacksonville, Illinois

More than 40 pilots help celebrate club's anniversary.

I soloed a Navy Stearman in 1947

Neil Johnson
Grosse Ile, Michigan

On January 10, 1947 I soloed in a Navy Stearman.

I decided to build a replica of the airplane so purchased a Ziroli plan from which the plane was built from scratch. Thought I would share this with you.

Toys For Tots in Florida

Brooklyn Joe Mannino
Palm Beach, FL

A Florida club spreads cheer.

17 Year Old Returns a Gee Bee To The Skies

Dennis McCarty
Shelbyville IN

A story that started 17 years ago in 1995 has now come to fruition.

Saving Freedom

Lewis Moore
Euless TX

I built and learned to fly RC in 1992 with my Goldberg Freedom 20. After gaining flight experience and moving on to bigger planes the Freedom 20 spent many years in the attic hangar.

Goldberg's Mirage 500

Jim Matko
Forest Lake MN

Here are a couple of photos of an aircraft I built called the Goldberg Mirage 550.

A Lost Treasure…In My Own Basement

Rick Mitchell
Baltimore MD

The last time that I was active in radio control modeling was from 2005 through 2008, after having first flown R/C as far back as 1958. Most of my flying during that last three year period was with a Tower Kaos, but my last ten rides at the very end were with a Goldberg Skylark 56 ARF that I built in addition to my Kaos.

Rescue Pup

John Yager
Roscoe IL

A friend of mine received a phone call last summer. A fellow flier from another town had passed away with no one to continue his hobby. Family members were going to throw it all away in a dumpster, so my friend, Dick Prevencher, made a mad, 40-mile dash in his van and collected everything.

Pilot Air

Jay Strickland
White City, Oregon

It all started when I was about 12 years old, my RC career that is.

Grandson and Grandfather Flying Team

Chuck Winchester
Machesney Park IL

I am an AMA and IMAA member. Below is a photo of me when I was 10 years old holding my fubar 36 free flight with a spitfire .045 - really my first successful plane after I found out what the little CG symbol meant.


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