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Written by Terry Dunn New products that are Worth a Closer Look Product Review As seen in the January 2019 issue of Model Aviation.

Product Spotlight
product spotlight

New products that are Worth a Closer Look

Terry Dunn reviewed the Foam-Flite Pro Airplane Stand. Here is what he had to say:

As do most modelers, I prefer to use airplane stands in my workshop and at the field. Having a stable platform for my models makes them much easier to work on. The only problem is that my one-size-fits-all Styrofoam stands do not always "fit all." Fortunately, Foam-Flite offers a series of wooden airplane stands that are adjustable to fit a wide range of airframes. These stands can also be positioned to secure the airplane in a variety of orientations.

I chose the Medium Pro Airplane Stand. This stand is advertised to handle models as large as 20cc to 30cc gaspowered aircraft. It is available as a kit at $55.99 or as a prebuilt unit for $89.99. I decided to go with the kit version. Foam-Flite also sells smaller stands in kit form.

The package includes several sheets of machine-cut plywood parts and all of the necessary hardware. Assembly directions can be found on the Foam-Flite website. After the parts were separated, I cleaned up the edges with 100-grit sandpaper, as well as a sanding drum in my Dremel tool. It is not necessary to apply a wood stain, but you have that option. I opted to stain my kit, so I gave all of the parts a little extra attention with 220-grit sandpaper beforehand.

I began by gluing a few subassemblies together. Carpenter’s glue worked perfectly for me. All of the remaining assembly steps involved bolting the pieces together. It was a quick process with no snags. The only deviation I made from the kit was to add a washer behind each of the adjustment knobs.

I glued strips of 3 mm EVA foam to the cradle sections of the stand to give them a softer interface with my models. If you’re not familiar with EVA foam, it is a squishy material that is usually sold in small sheets at craft stores. You could also use foam insulation intended for 1/2-inch PVC pipe. It slides right over the cradle parts.

I did not realize the stand’s full range of adjustability until I began using my completed example. Each arm can be set to a unique length and angle. The same is true of the cradle components. Furthermore, the entire upright part of the stand can be tilted forward. There are many options to place your model in the best orientation for whatever task you have in mind. You can even arrange the cradle arms to test your model’s center of gravity.

The stand easily accommodates my larger sport models. I was surprised to find that it can also be used with many of my park flyers. With that noted, you might want to look at Foam-Flite’s smaller stands if most of your fleet is on the smaller side.

This airplane stand from Foam-Flite is stable, secure, and extremely adaptable. It definitely offers more functionality than traditional static stands. Visit the Foam-Flite website to check out all of the stands in the company’s lineup.

Foam-Flite: (507) 933-0501;;


Why don’t you guys size up your airplane stand? I’m a buyer if you do.

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