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The Only Quadcopter with Exclusive TAGS™ Triple Axis Gyro

What makes the innovative 1SQ unlike any other quadcopter? For starters, its 3-axis gyro system features exclusive Heli-Max TAGS technology. The TAGS unit offers far easier control than any single-axis gyro can provide — stabilizing all three axes (yaw, roll and pitch) to prevent external forces from affecting performance. Combine that with the 1SQ’s four independently controlled rotor blades, and you have a machine so stable that even complete newcomers can fly it with confidence!

The 1SQ fits in the palm of your hand, but don’t let the compact dimensions fool you. Though it’s perfect for piloting in your living room, the model can also be flown outdoors in a light wind. Its tough, molded plastic and composite parts can stand up to hard knocks indoors or out.

Choose from Tx-R™ (Transmitter-Ready) and ready-to-fly versions. Both include a LiPo flight battery, USB-compatible charger and extra blades.

1SQ RTF Radio is Hobby-Quality

Adding to the advantages for new pilots, the ready-to-fly 1SQ includes a 2.4GHz radio that features selectable beginner and expert modes. You’ll be able to start flying the model with the control sensitivity you’re most comfortable with.

 4 independently controlled rotor blades make the 1SQ incredibly easy to fly
 TAGS Triple Axis Gyro stabilization offers total control in all conditions
 The 1SQ may be flown in any room – even outdoors in light winds
 Molded plastic parts make the 1SQ very durable
 The 1SQ is available Transmitter-Ready as well as Ready-To-Fly
 Both versions feature a 1S 250mAh LiPo flight battery, USB-compatible charger and an extra set of blades

Length: 5.7 in (145 mm)
Width: 5.7 in (145 mm)
Height: 1.37 in (35 mm)
Weight with battery: 1.1 oz (31.2 g)
Blade Length: 2.16 in (55 mm)
Tx-R Requires: 4-channel transmitter with SLT

Both versions of the 1SQ Quadcopter will be available late October.

HMXE0834 1SQ Quad Copter RTF Retail: $129.99 Street: $99.99
HMXE0835 1SQ Quad Copter Tx-R Retail: $99.99 Street: $79.99

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