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AMA President Bob Brown
Although our success with Congress is apparent, we must realize that additional effort may be needed in order to continue to enjoy model aviation. I hope that a positive relationship with the FAA will allow this to happen.

The Westchester Radio AeroModelers (WRAM) Show moved to the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, New Jersey. The new venue was certainly a positive change for the event and will allow it to continue for many more successful years. Lou Scarlino, and the Westchester Radio AeroModelers deserve a great deal of thanks for their fine efforts.

Flea Markets
Flea markets provide a unique, informal venue for modelers to enjoy the hobby. We enjoyed two of the largest modeling flea markets in the world this past month.

Norm Deputy and the Georgia Aircraft Modelers Association produce the Southeastern Model Show in Perry, Georgia. Three huge buildings at the Georgia National Fairgrounds and Agricenter allow modelers from across the country to peddle their hobby-related wares for two great days. A fourth building is utilized for indoor flying and demonstrations. You have to see it to believe it!

The Central Pennsylvania Aeromodelers Association holds the largest one-day RC flea market in the US. The site, at the Lebanon Fairgrounds in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, is consumed with modeling goods. If more space were available, it would be used.

Both events allow us a spring meeting ground to get together and enjoy the hobby’s community of friendship.

FAI Program
The FAI program in the Academy is costly. During the next couple of years, you will see the Executive Council (EC) and the FAI Committee make budget moves to bring this expense into a more reasonable perspective.

As a start, the representation at the FAI Plenary Meeting for the CIAM will be reduced. Modern communication and increased individual effort should allow this change to be accomplished.

In the near future, you will probably see some AMA participation in FAI competition disappear. There is no reason for dollars to be spent in competition disciplines where there is little interest.

Increased focus on the specific SIGs will become apparent. Some participants have mentioned the possibility of a competition license. This license would be an increased cost to the FAI/AMA member.

If you have any ideas about how the AMA can reduce the FAI costs yet still provide the opportunity for world-class competition, please advise your EC representative.

Joe Nall’s 30th Anniversary
AMA will help celebrate the 30-year anniversary of Joe Nall Week at the Triple Tree in Woodruff, South Carolina. Thursday evening, May 17, will be the annual AMA membership meeting. At the meeting we will provide information on the latest AMA efforts.

After the meeting a supper will be provided. See you there! MA

Bob Brown
AMA Executive Vice President

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