Prop-Saver Bands Installation Tool

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Products that are Worth a Closer Look Product review As seen in the October 2018 issue of Model Aviation.

O-rings, often referred to as prop savers in the world of model aviation, provide a great way to attach a propeller to an outrunner motor on smaller foam aircraft. As the name implies, an O-ring often saves the propeller in the event that the aircraft makes contact with a hard surface by allowing the propeller to shift or detach from the motor. Getting the O-ring around the propeller and attaching it to the two tabs on the motor can be challenging. The process involves holding the outrunner motor with one hand while using the other to attach the O-ring. The common tool most likely entrusted with this task is a small, flathead screwdriver. Although it works, it can be frustrating if it slips off of the motor tabs, especially if it gouges your hand or foam aircraft.

Twisted Hobbies saw a need for a more-precise tool to apply or remove the O-ring, while keeping hands and aircraft unscathed. The Prop-Saver Bands Installation Tool utilizes a tube embedded in a wooden handle that fits over the motor tabs and prevents slipping, making the process a cinch. This comment on the product page of the Twisted Hobbys website sums up the usefulness of the tool: “Just buy one—you won’t regret it!” We agree that the convenience it provides is worth the $6.99 price tag. Twisted Hobbies: Tel.: (941) 623-9553; website:


Just like using a Philips screwdriver, Been doing it for yrs,...

I've used one of these for a couple of indoor seasons now.

replacing the prop saver o ring was a 3 handed job until I found this little tool.
Now it is easily done with 1 1/2 hands (one hand holding both the plane and the motor - the other operating the tool to seat the o ring)

An additional tip - keep an spare o ring on you transmitter antenna - when you need the next one - it is right there, and you are back in the air in seconds.

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