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Written by Ron Bouchard
Ron Bouchard discusses his e-Elf Biplane Senior

The Elf biplane was originally designed by Frank Ehling in 1937, with a 39 inch wing, as a free flight model. In 1976, a gentleman by the name of Gary Brown built the model as a .049 powered single channel RC model. About the 1982 time frame, he went on to upsize it, with an increase in the wing to 60 inches and OS .30 power, renaming it to the Elf Senior. It appeared on the cover of the August 1984 issue of Model Aviation.

I purchased plans from Model Aviation and over the 2011/2012 winter built the e-Elf Senior as an electric conversion. Power is from an E-flight 46 with a 4s 5000 mAh pack; all up weight is 6.5 lbs. First flight was unexpected, during taxi testing, at slightly less than half power, into about a 5 to 6 mph headwind. She simply walked off the ground effortlessly.

Once airborne, I continued to altitude, where she trimmed out with two clicks of down elevator. The CG was right on the money with no weight added. It's a great flying model, with no bad habits, save those of the pilot. Radio equipment is JR and graphics are by Vinylwrite.

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