Russian helicopter

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History Preserved Column As seen in the August 2018 issue of Model Aviation.

This is the third time that the museum’s unknown helicopter has appeared in Model Aviation. Although we are still asking for your help, this time, thanks to everyone’s input, there’s more information to share. This helicopter has been in the museum’s collection since at least 1998. An extensive search of our records turned up nothing about who donated it, who built it, or when it was flown, but an intrepid, observant group on has determined that it is likely of Russian origin, based on the screws, construction methods, and engine.

To learn more about how it was identified as Russian, as well as other theories on the model’s identity, watch the July 27, 2018, episode of “Fly By” on AMA’s YouTube channel at
There are also additional pictures of the helicopter on the museum’s blog at Please look at the photos and let Maria VanVreede know your thoughts and deductions about this helicopter’s history. You can contact her at or (765) 287-1256, ext. 508. Thank you for helping us solve this mystery!


My friend Gene Rock thinks this may be an early Schluter (era 1978) maybe his "hell baby".
Also, it is very similar to Gene's My Viper series of 1979.

Hi Robert! Thank you for sharing this information with us. I have passed it along to our museum staff.

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