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Submitted by Bruce Curlette:

This is the Russian MiG-3 designed by Dick Sarpolus. It is powered by a DL-50. It flies well, looks beautiful in the air, lands hot, and no one has one like it. I wouldn't have been able to build it without the patient and expert advice of Pete Mularchuk.

Build the Russian MiG-3 by Dick Sarpolus
Issue: Model Aviation November 2004
Plan: #967
Cost: $27.00 plus shipping
To Order: 1-800-435-9262x507

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Whoever said "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" must have been referring to this plane.

This plane is a real head turner at our club field. Sadly, this is more of a comment on Bruces flying skills. Just kidding, not job Bruce.

beautiful plane has my vote

Great club president, and WOW he can build too. Great lookin' airplane, Bruce.

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