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Submitted by Paul Hasselbach:

I built the The Senior Slow Motion by Bill Evens. The Senior Slow Motion has a 64-inch span, weighs 7 pounds using a K&B 60. The unique flight characteristics are that it is very maneuverable and yet gentle as a trainer. I had several members of my club ( pilot this plane and all were surprised of its performance.

Build the Senior Slow Motion by Bill Evans
Issue: Model Aviation October 1993
Plan: #745
Cost: $14.00 plus shipping
To Order: 1-800-435-9262x507

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One of the best designs over the last thirty years! Built many of Bill Evans' Simitars over the last twenty years. How about a revival and build article for the newbies in the sport.

The Senior Slow Motion is a very stable plane in flight. Its hard to believe by the looks of the plane, but this plane takes off land very easy.

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