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Have to hand it to Herpaldink, he will go to no end to retrieve a model plane

Too bad that isn't a glider

George! Land on your BACK to protect the plane!

Jim was a good pilot..but the landings were always hard for him

Mario ! Dal tuo punto di vista , ora il modello vola meglio ??

Editor's Note. Here is the Italian to English translation:
"Mario! From your point of view, now does the model fly better?"

Well... might as well switch the battery off George.

How many times you gonna crash that plane today? Ain't once enough for ya?

Looks a bit nose heavy to me

When you get to the bottom, (having landed on your back to protect the plane that is) switch off that battery.

"I think the wing-loading is too great to land this one properly!"

CAREFUL don't tear the covering!!

"You wouldn't know it by looking at him, but Dave sure is one smart modeler."
"How's that?"
"It was only yesterday that he mailed in the check for his AMA Life Membership."

"Want me to pull up now?"

pull up pull up pull up

Looks like I'll be needing a new spotter.

Up elevator! Up elevator!

I'll wait a second then try pull up after Herb hits the ground.

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