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You know Tailwind, if you'll be a good dog and STOP chewing up my propellers and things - I'll take you flying someday.

Well that's just great. How am I gonna convince my flight instructor that my dog ate my homework.

Someday Rover you'll have to accept that electrics are here to stay.

Is this your way of telling me I have to choose between you and modeling?

Are you mad that I take my aircraft outside more than you?

I've thought about it, and I have decided that I want to get an electric dog ... you're fired.

"When I said we were going to the field to eat the competition, that's not exactly what I had in mind."

Well, you can believe what you want but I'm tired of losing planes. I'm calling in the Dog Whisperer.

"Digging for lost airplane engines" is not a good reason to take you to the flying field!

so ! ok did it have any pitch in it.

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