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Hopefully my flying this summer won't stink as much as these fish.

Poor Jason, he just can't let go of his grounded plane. Always trying to find ways to bring it back to life.

You think that's odd, you should see how he uses the props to clean the fish.

"Now you come back to me!"

"Now how am I supposed to filet that?"

Vern said this micro would be a hot fly -- I had no idea this is what he meant.


There's the plane I lost last summer. I wonder if the engine will still run.

There's another RC Pilot that got a chilly reception when he came home without his plane!

So that's where it landed!

I don't get this controle line stuff, give me back my transmitter!

"Found at last!"

who needs a fishing license?

Never thought I'd pull this from my ice-hole

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