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Written by Jay Smith Phil Calvert: Corporate Pilot I am the AMA As seen in the October 2018 issue of Model Aviation.

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Jay Smith: How did you get involved with model aviation? Phil Calvert: I grew up during World War II and was always fascinated with airplanes. In 1953, my brother, who was in the Navy, sent me my first engine, an OK Cub .14. This led to a Ringmaster with a Fox .35 and, of course, CL Combat. JS: How has model aviation impacted your life and/or career? PC: My passion for model airplanes led me to flying lessons. I soloed a Piper Cub in 1957 at the age of 16. I retired last year after 60 years of accident-free flying. JS: What disciplines of modeling do you currently participate in? PC: Mostly Free Flight [FF]. I still do some RC and sailplanes. I really love to build and building is a great part of FF modeling. JS: What other hobbies do you have? PC: Running, bicycling, and RC sailboats. I get the most of my AMA membership using the site [AMA’s International Aeromodeling Center] for flying, running, and bicycling. I use the AMA pond for RC sailboat racing and float flying. I am fortunate to live less than a mile from AMA Headquarters. JS: Who or what has influenced you the most? PC: I have been fortunate to have some of the best modelers as friends and mentors. Some of these include Bob Bienenstine, Bob Sifleet, O.C. Stewart, Gary Bussell, and many more. JS: What unique experiences has aviation provided you? PC: I was very fortunate to make aviation my career and to fly many different airplanes. I flew Gulfstream international business jets the last 30 years of my career. I accumulated 23,000 hours and visited 106 countries and six continents. I have been privileged to meet and fly many interesting people including a president, prime ministers, vice presidents, princes, sheikhs, senators, governors, celebrities, and even a saint, Mother Teresa.


Phil is a great guy. We’ve flown together at the AMA Nats and he’s helping me build a Bubble Dancer like he is holding in the photo. He also helps repair models in the AMA Museum.

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