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Submitted by Paul J Kramer:

I built my Gimlet 40 from MA plan 620.

It's my favorite plane -280 flights so far. I does what the author claims and is an excellent pattern practice plane.

I get compliments when I fly it. As the author says it makes you look good.

Build the Gimlet 40
Issue: Model Aviation May 1989
Plan: #620
Cost: $24.00 plus shipping
To Order: 1-800-435-9262x507

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Since these plans came out in 1989 I have built a total of 6 Gimlets for myself and friends. 25 years later it's still my favorite flyer. Very sleek and smooth.

I started my Gimlet in 1989 I have it almost complete. Had a lot of interruptions. Modified it a little (Diff canopy, Sheeted turtle deck. Red and White Super tiger 45). Can't paste a picture of it here. (DARN). If you want one e-mail me. When I get the chance I'm going to send a pic to Model Airplane News and Model aviation?n

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