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Submitted by John Sinclair:

A 1940 free flight scaled up to 64" and adding rudder and elevator controls.

I liked the original so much I constructed another Panther with ailerons, landing gear on wing, top battery accrss hatch, nylon bolt wing attachment, single dihedral, stearable tail wheel and an open cockpit, Exceed 480 electric motor (275W) driving a 10X5 prop with Exceed 30 amp speed control, Spectrum-6 radio. Gave a "PT-19" look with Koverall fabric, blue & yellow dope, star decals, American .rudder.

Build the Panther II by Dr. D.B. Mathews
Issue: Model Aviation December 1979
Plan: #283
Cost: $14.00 plus shipping
To Order: 1-800-435-9262x507

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