In its more than 150 color and black and white pages, A Century of British Free Flight History traces the development of our sport from before Blériot flew the English Channel in 1909 up to the present day and marks the centenary of the British Model Flying Association (BMFA), the world’s oldest model flying organization.

With chapters by specialists such as Mike Fantham and Bob Bailey, who cover Rubber, gliders, Power, electrics, Scale, Indoor, electronics, and the vintage movement, the book is one you will refer to again and again as you discover how FF became the international sport that it is today.

The book is available from Martin Dilly; his email is listed in "Sources." The book is £22.00 GBP. You can order by credit card or PayPal; checks should be payable to the BMFA FF Team Support Fund in British Pound Sterling only and drawn on a bank with a branch in the U.K.


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