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Sig Manufacturing 1/5-Scale Piper Cub

Peter Cary's Piper Cub

Written by Peter Cary

I recently built this Sig Manufacturing 1/5-scale Piper Cub. It was a pleasure to build from this kit, which included precision laser-cut parts and easy to follow instructions.

My Story ... I Love This Hobby!

Love the Hobby

Written by Alain Adam, Metamora, Michigan

My love for model aviation started at age 10 in Jos, Nigeria, when my father’s friend gave me a Graupner Super Flitzer Control Line plane with a Graupner Taifun diesel engine. He was leaving Nigeria to return to Germany and knew that I was fascinated by planes.

Aerofest 2019

Written by Pete Lewis Inaugural event held in June 2019

Building a 3D-printed airplane

Written by Mike Deitchman A pilot builds an aircraft from 3D-printed parts

Flite Test EDF

Written by Jack Kreska Adapting a foamie

I have built and flown a couple of the Electric Ducted-Fan (EDF) models from Flight Test. The latest one I’ve built is the FT-X29 EDF.

Interesting Pilots for a PT-17

Written by Dave Robinson Feathered guests found in front seat

I thought you might be amused by a group of four soon to be pilots, who have a perfect home. I have a very deep covered front porch between a couple of covered parking spaces for cars.

Modeling While Aging

Written by Anonymous

Early Modeling Skills

Written by Robert Van Devender Skills that transcend modeling

WACO Air Museum and Learning Center

Written by Stan Alexander WACO Air Museum and Learning Center

WACO Air Museum and Learning Center

WACO Air Museum and Learning Center

Sparring Sparrows

Written by Mike Park Pilot member describes flying on a farm with nature's aviators

A Life of Aviation, with 25 Bomber Missions in the Middle

Written by John Agnew M.D. Sid Harris is still flying at age 93

Ron Bouchard's e-Elf Biplane Senior

Written by Ron Bouchard Ron Bouchard discusses his e-Elf Biplane Senior

Ron Bouchard's Midwest Aero-Star E-40

Written by Ron Bouchard Ron Bouchard discusses his Aero-Star E-40

Don Brann’s Piper PA-18

Written by Don Brann Don Brann discusses his Piper PA-18 Featured in Stan Alexander's RC Scale Column in Model Aviation June 2015.


Lincoln Man’s Intriguing Hobby Takes Flight

A Cub Pilot from Cuba

Barnstorming, Sea Planes, and Aerobatics - Oh My

Francis Reynolds shares a conversation from his friend George. Bellevue WA

Kitbashing a VF-84 F-5E Jolly Rogers

Roel Cruijff Shanghai Interceptor gets a facelift I had some skull and bone decals lying around so I figured the F-5E kit would look amazing with it. It's currently standing next to an F-22 from the same fighter group!

Club Floats to First Place

Susan Calvin President of the KC/RC Missouri club makes its presence known
The Kansas City Radio Control Association (KC/RC) entered its float in three parades in 2013, and walked away with the first-place prize for each.


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