Model Aviation’s Frequently Used Acronyms/Abbreviations


Below is a defined list of abbreviations/acronyms that you might come across while reading Model Aviation magazine.


ARF—Almost Ready to Fly

BEC—Battery Eliminator Circuit


CA—cyanoacrylate glue

CAD—computer-aided design

EAA—Experimental Aircraft Association

EDF—electric ducted fan

EPP—(foam) expanded Polypropylene

EPO—(foam) expanded polyolefin

EPS—(foam) expanded polystyrene

ESC—electronic speed control

FAA—Federal Aviation Administration

FAA TRUST—The Recreational UAS Safety Test

FAI—Fédération Aéronautique Internationale

FPV—First-Person View

FRIA—FAA-Recognized Identification Area

LCD—Liquid Crystal Display

LED—light-emitting diode

LiFe—Lithium Iron Phosphate

LiPo—Lithium Polymer

NAA—National Aeronautic Association

NAS—National Airspace System

Nats—National Aeromodeling Championships


RC—Radio Control

RTF—Ready to Fly

SIGs—Special Interest Groups

STEM—Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

STEAM—Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math

sUAS—small Unmanned Aircraft Systems

UAS—Unmanned Aircraft Systems

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