Focal Point

Are you proud of your latest building/flying effort? Send us a
photo with a detailed description of the model and its
specifications and we will publish it! Please note that there is
often a backlog of submissions because of the popularity of this
section of the magazine, and it might be several months before
it is published. Submissions are published in the order that they
are received.

1. Text should be a maximum of 200-250 words in length.
Photos should be high-quality at a minimum size of 5 x 3 at 300
dpi, the equivalent size of approximately 20 x 16 at 72 dpi, or
the highest jpg setting available in a camera.

2. Photos should be restricted to the model with or without the
owner/builder. Please refrain from photos that depict other
members of your family or your friends unless they were
involved with the building/flying.

3. Material of a questionable or inappropriate nature will not be
considered for use in any “Focal Point” presentation.

4. Please supply your city/state and/or AMA number, as well as
your email address (if available) so that interested parties may
contact you directly.

5. Submissions can be made by email (with photo as an
attachment, not embedded within the message body) or by
postal mail on a disk/flash drive or as a hard copy (see
Photography Guidelines). All submissions should be sent to
Associate Editor Jenni Alderman, Attn. Focal Point, at 5161 E.
Memorial Dr., Muncie IN 47302 or emailed to
[email protected].

6. Questions about the text submission or photo quality/size can
be directed to Associate Editor Jenni Alderman at
[email protected] or (765) 287-1256, ext. 223.

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