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Magazine Overview 1
1. Home – View library of previous issues.
2. Search Bar – Search for key words within issue.
3. Download PDF – Click on PDF button button to download magazine as a PDF.
4. Table of Contents – Scroll through and click on headlines to view articles.
5.  Arrows – Click on arrow to go to next or preious page.

Magazine Overview 2
6. Page View – Click on to enlarge to magazine view of article.

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7. Tool Bar –  Listed from left to right. 
    • Thumbnail Button – Thumbnails of pages are shown on the bottom left of the browser. 
       Click on one to view in full screen.
    • Zoom In – Scroll up to zoom in on the page. Hold left mouse button to drag page.
    • Zoom Out – Scroll down to zoom out on the page.
    • Play Button – Plays pages as a slide show. 
    • Box – Full screen mode.
    • X – Exit view. Pressing “Esc” will close out view as well.

* Known Issue – Tool Bar may disappear if using Windows 11. Press “Esc” to close out view when this happens. 

How to remove cookies from

Chrome Edition

  1. Go to Settings in the three dots on the top right of the web browser.
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  2. Next go to Security and Privacy>All cookies and site data> Search Then, select the trashcan.
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Why can't I login?
Answer A) If you recently subscribed:

To provide just a little background on what you were experiencing, because of the logistics around managing subscriber access, reader credentials for the digital edition of Model Aviation magazine are typically activated with the release of the first issue of the publication after the subscription begins.
Answer B) Your web browser may need cached to be cleared or cookies enabled:
Clearing Cache
Microsoft Edge:



Enable Cookies

Microsoft Edge:



How do I the PDF save to iBooks?

Open the magazine in your web browser and be sure to login. If you're using an iPad the share button is at the of the screen and if you're using iPhone it will be at the bottom of the screen. 

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Using "flip book" mode

To view the magazine in "flip book" mode go to the on the desired issue and click "Go to Page View"

Navigate using the arrows to page through the magazine.

My email is not recognized as my login for Model Aviation Digital. Help!

The enrollment process and access is not instant because of the logistics around managing subscriber access. Reader credentials are typically activated with the release of the first issue of the publication after the effective membership or subscription start date (much like receiving the next newest issue of a print magazine).

If you enrolled prior to the release of the latest issue, please verify with AMA that we have the correct email on file. You can do so by calling (765) 287-1256, exts. 223 or 129, emailing or, or by accessing your account information on

Finally, double-check that you did enroll to receive digital instead of print or are receiving Model Aviation Digital for an additional $9.95 in addition to your print magazine. By default, members receive Model Aviation in print and must elect to receive or add on Model Aviation Digital.

Can I opt out of my print magazine and receive a digital version instead?

Yes! You can opt out of receiving your monthly printed issue and receive Model Aviation Digital instead. Opting into Model Aviation Digital instead of print is free of charge and includes viewing Model Aviation Digital online at and through the Model Aviation Digital app for Apple iOs and Android smartphone and tablet devices.

Model Aviation can also be switched from digital to print, print to digital, or added on for $9.95 to the print edition by visiting and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

When will I be able to access the latest digital issue of Model Aviation?

Our goal is to have the app and library issues up late in the afternoon of the 15th of each month. There are sometimes factors that are out of our hands, but in general, expect to access the digital version before the printed issue. If you are a new digital subscriber, your subscription will begin with the next newest issue after the subscription or membership begins.

How do I get the Model Aviation Digital app?

Learn about digital offerings and how to subscribe at Nonmembers and those who are international or Canadian can subscribe through the Model Aviation Digital app in the Apple App Store and Google Play on Apple (iOs) or Android smartphone and tablet devices for $60 USD per year.

I am not an AMA member, but I am a subscriber. Why can't I subscribe and pay through the AMA website and have access to the digital edition through Why do I have to pay extra for the digital edition?

AMA is a membership-based organization, and subscribers who are members of the AMA receive additional perks and benefits. This is just one of the many benefits of being a member. To become an AMA member, visit

How do I get the latest digital edition each month?

You will receive an email reminder or an app notification each month when the newest issue is ready to download and view. You can also visit at any time to view the current and back issues. New subscribers will be required to enter your email address to verify that you're a digital subscriber.

Does the monthly issue expire?

No. Once you are a current subscriber, you can download issues to your computer or device to view offline and retain for future use.

What is the difference between the Model Aviation Archives/Library and Model Aviation Digital?

Model Aviation Digital ( is a media-rich, user-friendly digital magazine featuring page views or a flipbook-type reader view. In addition to a much better online reading experience, you can more easily keyword search within issues, watch videos, link to additional/bonus content, quickly jump between articles, download entire issues as a PDFs, and share and email articles. The digital edition provides access to issues from August 2012 to the most current issue.

The Model Aviation Archives/Library ( is more of a research tool to look up content from older issues. It does not have any robust or media rich features, but does provide access to issues from 1975 through June 2015. Individual pages can be printed from the archives/library through the web browser, but complete issues cannot be downloaded.

If I select Model Aviation Digital instead of print, shouldn’t I get a discount since I'm saving AMA postage?

Yes, you are saving AMA postage, but that is only a small fraction of the cost to produce the magazine each month. The majority of the costs are wrapped up in editorial and production. The savings made by not printing and mailing the magazine are quickly eroded through costs invested into our digital vendors and creating and distributing the digital edition each month.

Can I share Model Aviation Digital with friends?

Yes. We encourage you to share select articles with friends, but they will only be able to view a limited number of pages or articles before being prompted to verify their AMA membership or digital login information.

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