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How Do I Download Model Aviation Digital? 

  1. Select the back arrow button at the left side of your screen.


  1. A pop up window will appear. From there, enter your email address.


  1. At the top right, the download button will appear.


Why can't I login?
Answer A) If you recently subscribed:

To provide just a little background on what you were experiencing, because of the logistics around managing subscriber access, reader credentials for the digital edition of Model Aviation magazine are typically activated with the release of the first issue of the publication after the subscription begins.
Answer B) Your web browser may need cached to be cleared or cookies enabled:
Clearing Cache
Microsoft Edge:



Enable Cookies

Microsoft Edge:



How do I the PDF save to iBook?

Open the magazine in your web browser and be sure to login. If you're using an iPad the share button is at the of the screen and if you're using iPhone it will be at the bottom of the screen. 

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