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As seen in the May 2024 issue of Model Aviation.

rules change cycle schdule for old years
rules change preposal form

New Rules Proposal Cycle Begins

In his "Indoor Free Flight" column on page 86, Don Slusarczyk briefly mentions the beginning of a new rules proposal cycle. These rules proposals can be submitted by any current AMA member through the AMA website prior to March 15, 2025. To submit a rules proposal, visit For more insight into how rules proposals are handled, read the Contest Board Procedures at

tower hobbies seawind

Tower Hobbies Seawind 2.4m PNP Video Review

On page 29, Terry Dunn provides a written review of the Tower Hobbies Seawind 2.4m PNP. The Seawind has a 56.6-inch wingspan, a length of 44.3 inches, and a flying weight of 62.9 ounces. Terry’s written article discusses the aircraft assembly process, the radio setup and balance, and his first impressions of the aircraft’s flight. To view Terry’s accompanying video review of the Seawind, visit Model Aviation’s website.

lma program requirements

LMA Program Requirements

Starting on page 74, Jim Hiller discusses the Large Model Airplane (LMA) Program, going in-depth about Large Turbine Model Airplane 1 (LTMA-1) and LTMA-2 program requirements. To listen to the AMA Podcast’s episode about the LMA Program, visit To read more about the topic, visit

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