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As seen in the Febuary 2023 issue of Model Aviation.

Fly By: Korda’s Wakefield

Web: Dick Korda originally built Korda’s Wakefield in the 1930s. Korda’s Wakefield is a rubber-powered Free Flight model that has unique, prominent features. These features include a high polyhedral wing that was undercambered and generated lift, and a single-blade propeller that allowed for fewer vibrations and more thrust. Dick’s model took first place in the 1939 International Wakefield Event, setting a world record flight time of more than 43 minutes. To learn more about Korda’s Wakefield, watch the video above, or visit


Grumman Goose – Your Next Favorite Build!

grumman goose

Web: If you’re interested in building additional RC models, you won’t want to miss the Grumman Goose. Located on AMA’s Plan Service website, the Grumman Goose plans are only a few clicks away. This model is AMA’s topselling model, and for good reason! To read more about how fellow modelers feel about this design, visit To obtain a copy of the plans for yourself, visit


Storing Rubber Bands & Tubing, an AMA Build Tip by David Lindley

storing rubber bands

Web: President of the National Free Flight Society, owner of Indoor Free Flight Supply, and AMA member, David Lindley, offers a tip on how to properly store rubber bands and rubber tubing. David briefly discusses "rubber’s worst enemy," and gives advice on how to keep all rubber materials away from the danger of destruction. Rubber is widely used in the hobby, and in his video, David gives modelers quick and easy damage-preventing tips and tricks. To learn more about David’s storage tips, visit

George Wilson: "Good info."

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