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As seen in the June 2023 issue of Model Aviation.

Larry Kruse’s Super Cub—Free Plans Downloads

Web: Designed and drawn in 2016, Larry Kruse’s Super Cub is a simple foam flyer for both indoor and outdoor flying. Weighing 1.23 ounces (without a battery), this airplane has a 20-inch wingspan, is 13.25 inches long, and has an average flight duration of 5 to 6 minutes. Free download of Larry’s plans can be found at Larry Kruse's Super Cub | Model Aviation, and you can read more about his designing and building process on page 26 of this issue of Model Aviation.

Kristy Wilkins: "It is a very good training plane for RC."

Chris Ackroyd: "[I had] seen lots of new [builds] from Larry when I had the [pleasure] to fly with him for a few years. This looks great and I bet it [flies] like a dream. Now where’s that foam board …"

AMA Advocacy Achieves Higher Altitudes for Sanctioned Events

Web: Have you heard? AMA has finalized a process with the FAA to provide higher altitudes for AMA sanctioned events in uncontrolled airspace! AMA’s Government Affairs Senior Director Tyler Dobbs recorded a brief video while in Washington, D.C., wherein he explained a bit more about this process. Visit to watch this video and learn more about the future of AMA flying altitudes.

Thomas Cummings: "Thank you for all of your hard work!"

Steven Pierce: "Awesome work. In the past, I have enjoyed flying my Radian. It is a great plane for flying thermals, but with the 400-foot limit, I have not been able to take it out. I hope my AMA site in Clinton, Missouri, will get approval for higher altitudes and I can once again take out my Radian and chase the thermals."

The E-flite UMX Twin Otter BNF Basic—A Video Review by Terry Dunn

Web: The E-flite UMX Twin Otter BNF Basic is an ultramicro scale electric airplane with "very impressive flight performance," according to author Terry Dunn. Averaging a 7- to 8-minute flight time, this airplane has a 22.6-inch wingspan, 69 sq. in. wing area, and weighs 3.9 ounces with landing gear. Terry created a video review of this airplane, which can be found on Read his written review on page 41 of this issue of Model Aviation.

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