Modeler's Mall Guidelines

It is our pleasure to be able to offer your company the "Modeler’s Mall" product release section of Model Aviation, in which to inform our readership, and the AMA membership, about your newest hobby items.
A product release is just that--a release--and effective immediately, we are revising this service to include only pertinent new-product information.
Please provide your release information text on disk in ASCII code. The text itself should not contain superlatives.
Please limit the description of the product to factual information only, such as type, size, weight, wingspan, engine requirement, displacement, price, availability, and other specifics.

A sample release for a fictitious product follows.

" The Sunfire Special is a Radio Control (RC) sport design that has a wingspan of 54 inches and a wing area of 550 square inches. It accepts .40- to .51-size two-stroke engines, requires a six-ounce fuel tank, and uses a four- to five-channel RC system.
The kit features laser-cut parts from selected premium balsa and plywood, hardwood parts where required, a plastic canopy, all necessary hardware, prebent wire parts, rolled full-size plans, and a fully illustrated instruction manual.
The fuselage is a built-up sheet-balsa unit, and the wing is of the D-tube type with capstripped ribs. The tail surfaces are made from sheet balsa.
Plastic shrink-film covering is recommended as a finish, and the all-up suggested weight is five pounds, 10 ounces.
The Sunfire is available from your local hobby dealer. For more detailed information, please write to the address above. Dealer and distributor inquires are invited."

Product release photos require a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. We cannot reproduce photocopies or low-resolution images from digital cameras.
If you cannot supply the photo on disk or email, please provide a black-and-white or color glossy photograph of your product for us to scan. There will be no charge for this service.
Please do not send products for us to photograph; we do not provide that service under any circumstances.
Please make certain that the pictures depict only your product. No pictures that are deemed unwholesome will be published in Model Aviation.
Send product-release information directly to the Model Aviation offices at 5161 E. Memorial Dr., Muncie IN 47302, attn: Modeler’s Mall or email

Thank you for adhering to these product-release guidelines.
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