National Model Aviation Museum Virtual Tour

National Model Aviation Museum Virtual Tour

National Model Aviation Museum Virtual Tour

MOST OF THE PRODUCTS or services featured in "Worth a Closer Look" have a cost or price associated with them; however, the National Model Aviation Museum Virtual Tour is free to anyone who has access to the internet.

If you are unable to physically visit the museum, taking a virtual tour is the next best thing. Even if you have visited the museum, the virtual tour continues to be updated with new exhibits and information.

When taking the virtual tour, you start outside the museum and click on the arrows on the screen to navigate. You can use the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom in and out on the tour, and if you hold down the left mouse button and move the mouse, it allows you look around.

To help you navigate your tour, the website also includes a map of the museum so that you can easily find the different areas you would like to visit.

My favorite part of the museum is the 1950s-style hobby shop, which can be visited on the tour. Inside you will see many products that would have been for sale in the 1950s, and nearly every product is found in its original packaging.

On the same page as the virtual tour, you will find a link to the Digital Collections. Here, you can learn much more about many of the items housed in the museum. You can view the items by category or search the database. A personal favorite is the collection of Pith helmets that were worn to events and contests.

Now sit back, relax, enjoy a virtual tour of the National Model Aviation Museum, and learn more about the items in the collection.


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