Remote ID Broadcast Module Update

Remote ID Broadcast Module Update

Remote ID Broadcast Module Update

By Tyler Dobbs, Senior Director of Government Affairs |

As seen in the June 2023 issue of Model Aviation.

AS A REMINDER, recreational fliers will need to comply with Remote ID requirements starting September 16, 2023. There are three ways to comply:

  • Standard Remote ID
  • Adding a broadcast module to your aircraft
  • Flying at an FAA-Recognized Identification Area (FRIA)

Many operators who plan to use the broadcast module option are wondering when they will be able to purchase one in order to be ready for the compliance date. There are a few broadcast modules currently available:

There are still many months before you will need to comply with the Remote ID rule. AMA expects that additional modules will be available before the September deadline and hopes a more cost-efficient solution will be available soon. We will continue to monitor the release of new broadcast modules and keep our membership informed.

Notice of Availability of the Draft PEA for FRIAs

Recently, the FAA published the Notice of Availability of the Draft Programmatic Environmental Assessment (PEA) for FRIAs. This document analyzes and outlines the potential environmental impacts associated with the establishment of FRIAs.

AMA became aware of the requirement for an environmental assessment back in 2021 and immediately began working with the FAA toward a streamlined process. Thanks to this work, the FAA has preliminarily determined there will not be a significant impact to the human environment. The FAA will use this PEA to create a process and framework that will be used for "tiering" where appropriate, and only do additional analysis on flying sites when necessary.

As a result, an Environmental Impact Statement has not been initiated, and our members should not see FRIA applications denied based on environmental impact.

AMA wants to thank the Prince George’s RC Club and its members for assisting AMA and the FAA with collecting data for this environmental assessment. Your efforts were essential in this process and have not gone unnoticed.

The complete draft PEA can be viewed at

To remain current with the most recent government-related news, regularly visit the AMA Government Affairs blog.

If you have any further questions or concerns, contact the Government Affairs department at (765) 287-1256 or

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The RID modules I have seen (via the links AMA has provided provided) are not suitable for smaller park flyers and gliders...they are too large to fit onto or into the fuselages of most of my planes. I understand that other CBOs are trying to get the FAA to increase the weight requirement of aircraft to 1.0 Kg before the RID requirement kicks in. This would be EXTREMELY helpful to those of us who fly in non-FRIA areas occasionally. What is the AMA doing about this currently? (Hopefully something significant.) Thanks!

Why does this just look like another. bureaucratic roadblock to me? Are they just trying to justify jobs that are meaningless? We are already in the fields they are looking at and have been for many years. Leave us alone. I will vote for small government every time.

The recent submission from "Victor" that his description of a bureaucrat is someone who is working to justify his employment; I totally agree with and have felt the same for some time now. Please note my email address and understand that applies to model flying indoors. since the Nightvapor can only fly indoors, yet it's weight exceeds the weight limit required by the FAA bureaucrats makes the current FAA rule way too restrictive.

My understanding is that it IS possible to update the flight system in drones like the DJI drones that allows the drone itself to operate like a broadcast module (as opposed to the Standard Remote ID you would find in the newest drones that must comply with Remote ID). Do you know if this is possible and if any of the manufacturers plan on updating their drones to do this, such as DJI? I'd expect you guys to have the skinny on this! Thanks, James

The AMA must continue to push back against this FAA over reach. These RFID broadcast units are listed in the range of $300. Interesting the AMA article fails to mention this, when it is a significant detail. I wish the AMA leadership would advocate for non-compliance with this silliness throughout the entire AMA membership.

How do we apply for one? We are tired of all this nonsense and just want to keep flying at the field we have been using for over forty years.

The short answer is that you can't, only a CBO can apply for them. (AMA, FTCA, FPVFC, etc) Also, the FAA put out a document saying that they don't expect to approve much beyond the current AMA fields. "approximately 80-85 new (AMA) locations may seek FRIAs annually" You have to start a club to establish an AMA field, so what about the other CBOs? The FAA only expect to approve 100 non AMA locations, and only 4 per year after that... So don't hold your breath that you can get your regular flying location approved. :(

Please update us on AMA's efforts to convince congress to mandate to the FAA, during the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2023, to raise the lower boundary weight restriction to 1 Kilogram or 2.2lbs.

I'm assuming that the AMA will be providing RemoteID modules for each of my aircraft free of charge. Correct? If you think that I'm going to pay $300 per aircraft, you got another thing coming.

Our 2 mile across dry lake bed we've flown on for years had been closed by the lawyers because some morons complained about dust that we were NOT making. All my big, 80" wing size are gone. now the government wants to control even the small park planes I can fly locally. I've been flying since the mid 70's. I'm done. Going to throw all my radio equipment in the trash. Stupid government.

Why don't you take your planes, batteries and radios, drive to DC and throw in the FAA"s front yard.

So the RID go from expensive, to backordered, to "ask us for pricing", to one of the sites just straight up having broken HTTPS certificates? What a joke... As far as flying at a FRIA, it sounds like the total approved sites is still 0. Not only that, but the FAA put out a document recently that they only plan to approve a couple dozen non-AMA fields initially, and a half dozen more per year after that. So... as an AMA member that doesn't live near a club field, I'm basically screwed. Great advocacy for your members that just fly little foamy park fliers. :(

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