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Written by Jay Smith As seen in the July 2016 issue of Model Aviation.

If you have an appreciation for foam-constructed, electric-powered models, then you have likely heard of Motion RC. The company, started in 2012, has kept its focus on providing a high level of customer service, as well as a full complement of parts, for all of the electric-powered aircraft it sells. Motion RC began as an idea in a garage between two friends, neighbors— and, of course, flying buddies—Mark Goetze and Tom Ellison. The lifetime hobbyists and electric-powered aircraft enthusiasts drew from their experiences in big and small businesses respectively, to put together a business plan, which also required a lot of research. Tom shared that their goals starting out seemed simple, yet important: Keep the products in stock and treat the customer well. That continues to be the goal that drives the company, which is evident in its tagline, “Where customers matter.” As Mark eloquently put it, “Two guys with a vision was a good start, but then you need product.” The business started in a small warehouse, and the products for sale came from Hobbico and its line of electric model aircraft products. Mark and Tom processed orders daily, in the evenings after their day jobs. Mark told me that what started out as an hour or two in the warehouse soon developed into spending the entire evening there to ensure that all of the day’s orders were processed. In only a few short months, it became clear that help was required and the staff of Motion RC began to grow. This also allowed Mark and Tom more time to look into working with other aircraft manufacturers, including FMS and Freewing. Within a year of starting Motion RC, both Mark and Tom left their jobs to focus full time on the business. Although companies such as Freewing were happy to have Motion RC sell their products, the businesses also got an unexpected bonus by receiving feedback and suggestions on how to further improve their aircraft. They were also asked to provide a complete inventory of parts for any aircraft carried by Motion RC—something that wasn’t previously the norm. Motion RC’s involvement in working with airplane designers and manufacturers has continued to expand, and has allowed the company to have exclusives on certain aircraft. RocHobby, by FMS, was the company’s first exclusive brand, and new ones such as FlightLineRC have been added. Motion RC is also the exclusive distributor for Freewing products in the US, as well as the lead design team for Freewing products. One example of this collaboration can be found when examining the Freewing F-14 Tomcat, with its swept-wing functionality. Before its release, Motion RC wasn’t satisfied with a foam model aircraft that could only deploy its swept wings on the ground. The company wanted a model that could transition in flight like its full-scale counterpart. To make an electric-powered foam jet capable of this feat required a lot of design and testing, as well as implementing an onboard computer that adapts the flight characteristics to the wing configuration. A wing box was used to distribute the loads across the fuselage and ensure that the model could consistently withstand high-speed maneuvers without needing maintenance and adjustment to the wing-sweeping mechanisms. The F-14 proved to be an immediate success with jet pilots who had long dreamed of having the famed jet.
A future pilot checks out the Freewing 90mm F-15.

It’s clear that the company understands the importance of finding a balance between quality, performance, and price point. To remain in step with what customers want, Motion RC sponsors the Hobby Squawk forum, allowing patrons to discuss anything RC aircraft related. “We want to make things that don’t currently exist,” Tom said. He shared with me, and with everyone at the company, that there is a long list of airplanes he and Mark want to design. Some will be instantly recognizable models, such as the recent FlightLineRC P-38, but others are less common. On that front, I made sure to mention the Curtiss Helldiver a couple of times. We will see if it makes it onto the list! To ensure the quality of the products carried by Motion RC, every item has been thoroughly tested and more are turned away than are accepted. “We only sell what we fly,” Alpha Enos added. Alpha oversees customer service and works closely with aircraft design and development. Mark added, “It takes quality products to satisfy customers. The team looks for the best products based on product quality and company reputation. Entry-level products through to the more advanced offerings have a high level of quality.” In a little more than three years, that company has seen incredible growth, completing four warehouse expansions, as well as employing 20 RC professionals. Motion RC has also brought other brands into the fold, including Horizon Hobby’s electric aircraft lineup, Dynam RC, which provides budget-friendly options, and TechOne’s line of ARF aircraft. Since Motion RC began, the foam RC aircraft market has seen a lot of innovation and advancements in foam molding that provide many more scale details. The company is doing its part to advance that technology. Mark shared that the business has brought them closer to the hobby, and being able to help develop the future is exciting. Today, Motion RC has become one of the largest resellers of foam electric aircraft and much of that comes from word of mouth and positive feedback. Given an excellent track record, I had to ask: What are you most proud of? “Our commitment to our customer family underscores everything we do. So much of our customer family has been built over the years and they are our friends and I am proud of that,” Alpha said. Tom responded with, “We are really proud of the fact that we have done business in an honest and ethical way and have had such growth and positive feedback.” Mark had this to say: “I am most proud of the fact that I have had the opportunity to touch the lives of so many people, including those who find flying RC airplanes to be theraputic. I am proud knowing that we are providing people with good products so that they can just have fun flying. “As co-owner, I am amazed by the letters that we get. One that sticks in my mind was basically that the person stated that they were ex-military and had come back from the Middle East and was suffering from severe depression. He basically said he found our company and talked to some of our people and was introduced to the hobby and it took his mind off the negative stuff in his life. “I have a feeling we touch a lot of people in a positive way. Trying to go above and beyond is not only good for business, it is good for society. We are big on the people component. What gets me up every morning is knowing that there are people relying on us to be successful,” Mark stated. I ended our conversations with one final question: What are your goals going forward? “As we grow, we want to maintain everything that got us where we are, the high level of service, logistics, and a veteran RC staff. The goal would be if you are an RC aircraft enthusiast, that one day you will be able to get everything you need from Motion RC,” Mark remarked on behalf of the company. Having worked with Motion RC, as well as owning a few of the company’s aircraft since 2013, it’s clear they all have a passion for what they do. I am excited to see what they bring to the hobby moving forward. —Jay Smith jays@modelaircraft.org

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Click here to enter! For an opportunity to win a Freewing T-45 Goshawk, submit your answer to the following question: How many different aircraft are available under the company’s newest brand, FlightLineRC? You can find the answer on the company’s website. To submit your entry via email, send your answer, full name, postal address, and telephone number to Model Aviation Editor-in-Chief Jay Smith. Please include “About Us” in the subject line. To enter via postal mail, send the preceding information to MA at AMA, to Jay Smith’s attention. Readers can also enter to win at www.ModelAviation.com/aboutusmotionrc. Entries will be accepted through July 31, 2016. One winner will be selected on or before August 5, 2016. One entry per person is allowed. Those that are lost, late, misdirected, garbled, or incomplete for any reason will be ineligible. This contest is open to legal residents of the 50 states, Puerto Rico, Guam, the District of Columbia, and US military members with APO/FPO addresses. AMA employees are ineligible. The winner will be selected by an AMA employee in a random drawing from among all eligible entries with the correct answer. The winner will be notified by telephone or email and his or her name and state of residence will be published in a future issue of MA and posted on the magazine’s website.


Motion RC (224) 633-9090 www.motionrc.com Jay Smith jays@modelaircraft.org AMA 5161 E. Memorial Dr. Muncie IN 47302 (765) 287-1256 www.modelaircraft.org

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Great job in all that you do for us modelers and RC pilots, "My Hat is off to you"...!!! And I sure would love to win that Goshawk airplane..!!!


Very good roducts and videos

I've ordered many times from Motionrc and have had great service from them and their products. Fast shipping, low prices and great products are what keep me coming back to them. Keep up the good work MotionRc.

Love flying all I have is a apprentice old edition I would love to have this jet it would be a whole new experience

I am a big supporter of motion RC I was even one of the happy winners have a gift certificate from them for their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube And Google Plus promotion! I will be purchasing my replacement jet tomorrow, the 70 millimeter f-104 Starfighter if you saw my latest video we were up too long when flying formation with a prototype freeway f-104 Starfighter at the Western States Electric event.

Will tell the gang about you all

Motion RC is one of the two best RC distributors I have worked with since returning to RC after a 15+ year hiatus. They provide great reviews, have excellent products and provide wonderful support. The couple of times I've needed to contact support they responded quickly and in a very friendly and helpful manner, even when it was a clear case of operator error. They will continue to be my first stop when looking for fine scale looking planes at affordable prices. I must tell everyone out there to get one of their A3 stabilizers. I know some people frown on them as cheating and hiding poor piloting skill, but I put them in all my larger planes for two reasons. First is that it makes flying much more enjoyable when I'm not fighting wind gusts and turbulence. The planes fly rock solid and have much more scale characteristics. Secondly, I'm a paraplegic and going out in the grass in my wheelchair to retrieve a plane after a poor longing off our paved runway is a real chore. My club members are more than happy to help, but I much prefer a nice stabilized approach to a fine touchdown. Try it and you'll be sold. If your fellow club members give you a hard time you might want to fly with a group of people who are more interested in having fun than flaunting their "superior" airmanship. That's my two cents.

Have been in the hobby for three years now and 99% of my planes and gear have been purchased from Motion R/C. The service is amazing, the products are very high quality and the shipping is spot on! Best company I've had the opportunity to deal with on line, definitely my 'Go To' place for supplies. Dan Gross

Well I guess it must be me, but Motion RC is zero for 2 in my purchases. I bought the F22 upgraded 4s EDF jet, it never saw the sky, rather the power was weak and I admit crashed before take from everytime I tried, which obviously damaged the plane. I fly regularly so I do know how to take off, my giant Abu EDF took off in less feet than the small f22. I decided to try one more time and bought a10'warthog with retracts form Dynam which I bought through motion RC. First thing the esc's dont arm I get the beep beep beep every .25 seconds. I watch pilot Ryan's you tube video on how to solve this. Doesn't work. I decide to try 2 elite 40 amp esc's, boom 1st try motors are firing. Now the problem is figuring out the wiring for the landing gear, instructions are non existent. Then the right main gear wouldn't deploy. I finally get it down and decide to just leave wheel s down so I can finally try this plane out. I was pumped up to fly it. Get to field, again takes long time to get up to speed then I hear sputter. Right motor goes out. Again no flight from a motion RC plane. Don't get me wrong they have some great looking,planes, I have had bad luck with both mine. I would expect at a minimum to at least been able to fly each of these once for the money spent. Just my 2 cents

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