A.J. Jaffe

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2021 Camp AMA Instructor
As seen in the October 2021 issue of Model Aviation.
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JAY SMITH: How did you become involved with model aviation?

AJ JAFFE: I got involved in model aviation because of my father. He flew and has flown for a long time. I have been around it literally since I was born and would go to the flying †eld with my dad. I’ve been flying with him since I was about 9, and it’s been nonstop since then.

JS: How has model aviation impacted your life and/or career?

AJ: It has impacted my career immensely. It’s what I do for a living; it is how I got my previous job. Almost every job I have done in my career is because of model aviation. Not only that, but it also taught me engineering and science, and it has obviously taught me aeronautics. It has been everything in my life.

JS: What disciplines of modeling do you currently participate in?

AJ: For me, 3D helicopters is still my bread and butter; it’s still my favorite. I’m also an International Miniature Aerobatic Club (IMAC) Scale Aerobatics competitor.

JS: What other hobbies do you have?

AJ: I don’t have a lot of other hobbies. This takes up most of my time. I play a little bit of golf and I watch hockey; that’s about it.

JS: Who or what has in"uenced you the most?

AJ: My dad is the reason I got into it. He is the reason I am in it. Other than that, I have had a lot of high-competition friends that I have been with, but it is mostly my dad.

JS: Why did you decide to be a Camp AMA instructor?

AJ: I decided to be a Camp AMA instructor because it is a camp that I wish had existed when I was their age. It would have been something I really would have enjoyed doing, so being able to do that now and help the next generation of RC modelers keep modeling alive is great. Hopefully we can have the next generation of competitive helicopter and IMAC pilots right behind us.

a.j. jaffe
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