AMA News: District 9 - September 2016

Written by Austin Axmann / Rick McCaskill / Jim Tiller Camp AMA scholarship recipient, Western States Drone Rodeo, and 2016 Warbirds over Denver As seen in the September 2016 issue of Model Aviation.

Here’s a picture and a few words from Austin Axmann, our third recipient of a scholarship to Camp AMA, thanks to your generous donations.

“Camp AMA was nothing but amazing. Everyone that was there was nice and willing to help. On the first day there was a midair and about six other crashes. There were other wrecks during the week, but not near as many as the first day. “There were so many good things that came out of the camp. Many friends made and many planes learned about. I think the best night was when we were night flying. The pilots were great and the environment was beautiful (minus the cold). I can say that it was one of the most enjoyable weeks of my life. The experience was not comparable to anything I have done before. “Special thanks to Troy Hamm and the RC Barnstomers for nominating me and to all that helped me go to Camp AMA.”
Circumstances would not allow me to attend the Drone Rodeo in Casper, Wyoming. Rick McCaskill, Colorado associate vice president (AVP), attended in my place and here’s his report. The Casper Air Modelers (CAM) hosted the Western States Drone Rodeo at the club’s facility on June 18, 2016. This was the first FPV Rodeo, but the Air Modelers members hope it becomes an annual event. CAM President Jeff Nelson said, “A big part of what we will do is show people that drone use by responsible pilots is fun and safe. We showcase the good things and want to get people involved with the recreational side.” The setup included an FPV racingdrone layout, and an obstacle course featuring pylons and arches through which the drones flew. Three drones at a time raced through the courses. We clocked 86 mph on one pass down the 400-foot straightaway. A big screen TV allowed the spectators to view the FPV of each competitor. There is video of the race below.

Bonus video

Casper Drone Rodeo racers (L-R) Chris Cohron; George Bob Hine; second-place winner Quentin Weiss; third-place winner Richard Sankey; Charles F. Thompson; Justin Webster; and Josh Nelson. First-place winner Greg Fleming is not pictured.

Thank you, Josh, and the members of the CAM for hosting this event and letting me take part. I was impressed by your city-owned facility and your great relationship with the Casper community. This was a great event to attend, and I met many of the club members and spectators. I hope I get a chance to attend again next year.
On June 11, 2016, I was able to spend the day at the annual Warbirds Over Denver event hosted by the Jefco Aeromod’lers. This year, as in most years, scores of pilots were registered. What a treat to see all of the great military stuff and watch it fly. Where else are you going to see an A-12 Shrike and a Nakajima B5N Kate torpedo bomber in the same pattern? This year, Pete Thompson, club president, and the Jefco crew allowed me to use this event to host our annual District IX membership meeting. In the course of the day, I had the opportunity to chair a discussion with the assembled AMA members. At the conclusion of our meeting, Darrell Weidman won the drawing for a new Spektrum DX8 radio. Darrell is a deserving winner. He is he is a longtime Jefco Aeromod’ler and a committed volunteer for the warbirds event.
Jim Tiller presents Darrell Weidman with a new Spektrum DX8 radio at the District IX membership meeting. Colorado AVP Rick McCaskill assists.

Young Justin Brown, of Canon City CO, asked me if I would put his picture in the magazine. After being amazed by his knowledge of warbirds, military history, and his enthusiasm for this hobby, I gladly obliged.

Lots of great flying, good food, and great camaraderie are the hallmarks of this laid-back, longtime event. I hope I will get a chance to come back next year. Thanks also to Colorado AVP Rick McCaskill for providing logistical assistance and helping out with the District IX meeting.

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