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The Man Behind The Microhenrys Passes Away

Tribute to Former Model Aviation Contributor Ed Henry's Microhenrys were featured in Model Aviation from 1988 to 1998 See some of Ed Henry's work and contributions to aeromodeling.

Model Aviation Online Walk-Through

Great Planes WACO YMF-5D

Written by Tom Sullivan Find the entire feature on page 50 in the July 2011 issue. Read an abridged summary and video relating to the article.

RC Helicopters Debut at 1978 Nats

Written by Dave Chesney Model Aviation Archives, November 1978

Camp AMA All-Stars

CAMP AMAAMA hosted its first Camp AMA All-Stars June 6-9, 2011 for AMA Youth Members ages 13 to 18. This is an advanced program giving the opportunity for the 10 best helicopter and 10 best airplane pilots a chance to learn from top flight instructors.

The History of Model Aviation

Written by Jay Smith and Michael Smith Find the entire feature on page 28 in The First 75 Years supplement Read an abridged summary as well as an infograph.

The Secrets of Silk

Written by R.A. Benjamin Find the entire feature on page 36 in the May 2011 issue. Read an abridged summary and photo slideshow relating to the article.

Shulman Aviation Super Cessna ARF Advanced Trainer

Written by Barry Yarkon Light weight, nimble and yet gentle, this Advanced Trainer is definitely not your boxy airplane so common to this class.

This is the second review that I have been privileged to write for Sport Aviator

Thunder Tiger Trainer 40 OBL ARF

Written by Richard Landis and Barry Yarkon Digital Exclusive Follow along as a real-life beginner modifies the Thunder Power OBL Trainer to Electric Power under the tutelage of an experienced electric power instructor.

Skandanavisk KZ.III

Written by Gene Smith Find the entire feature in the October 2010 issue. Read an abridged summary and photos relating to the article.

Stearman 4E

Written by Frank Beatty Video by MA Staff Find the entire feature on page 28 in the November 2009 issue. Watch an exclusive MA interview with CL legend Frank Beatty during the 2009 Nats.

The Cardboard Condor

Written by Ryan Livingston
Find the entire feature on page 37 in the September 2009 issue. Read an abridged summary relating to the article.


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