Bob Aberle

Bob’s column is published bi-monthly in the February, April, June, August, October, and December issues. His email is [email protected].
I got into the model aviation hobby back in 1950 at the age of 12! Considering that I am now 74 (May 2015), that’s a total of 62 years invested in this wonderful hobby. My hobby writing career started in 1973 with my first published article appearing in Flying Models magazine. I published monthly articles for FM for almost 25 years. For most of that time, I held the title of Technical Editor. After a brief “vacation,” around the year 2000 I branched out to publish in most of the other hobby publications, such as Model Airplane News, Backyard Flyer, Fly-RC and, of course, Model Aviation. For the past eight years I have been Technical Editor for Model Aviation, as well as the “FAQ” (“Frequently Asked Questions”) columnist. In fact, in this time frame (May 2012), I have written more than 100 FAQ columns. My hobby writing career has encompassed the publication of three books, many product reviews, and something I’m very proud of, the publication of more than 100 original model-aircraft designs. Concurrent with my Model Aviation work, I started to get involved in the designing and flying of micro-size indoor model aircraft. I’ve been editor-at-large for (online magazine) RC Micro World since its start in May 2005. I continue to this day to produce one new design almost every single month. That by itself should be considered quite an accomplishment. Because I have always loved aviation, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that I worked for the Grumman Aerospace Corporation., on Long Island, New York, for a 30-year period until my retirement in 1994. Most of my Grumman employment was spent as an engineering manager in the Advanced Systems Department. I'm lucky and proud to have achieved several major awards throughout the years, including the AMA Hall of Fame (1998) and AMA Fellow (1982). More details can be found in my AMA Biography: I enjoy writing my FAQ column and hope to continue for many more years.
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