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As seen in the June 2022 issue of Model Aviation.



Watch the Southeastern Model Show / Perry Swap Meet >>



Read about Red Baron Stearman!



free plans

Digital & Web: Visit www.modelaircraft.org/membership/sign-3-fly-free to learn more about AMA's Sign 3 Fly Free program.



Read about Buzzard Models Fokkerish DR1!



Listen to The AMA Podcast!


More "I Am the AMA"

If you enjoy reading "I Am the AMA" near the back of this magazine and want to learn more about some of the people featured, check out the "I Am the AMA" playlist on AMA’s YouTube channel. One of those featured is Santiago Perez, a Camp AMA instructor. View this video and others at https://bit.ly/3vCMJSP. Here are some comments that viewers made about the video:


P51mustang27: I got into it myself when I was 10 and I’m trying to get my dad in it. more i am the ama

jsluga: Nice job, Santiago.

CodyKat: Very good 3D pilot.

Saurabh Rathor: Very informative so nice.

Quinn Perkins: Nice!

planes, archery, table tennis: Santi is a cool dude! Got to meet him in November.

Nice guy and a solid pilot.

the legendary john

The Legendary John Pond

Digital & Web: Aeromodeling legend John Pond was instrumental in the creation of the Old-Timer movement. Later called the Society of Antique Modelers (SAM), this group still exists today. In Bob Angel’s "Old-Timers" column this month, he discusses the late aircraft designer and his role in the hobby. Read more about John at www.modelaircraft.org/sites/default/files/files/PondJohn.pdf. You can also shop plans in the John Pond collection at https://plans.modelaircraft.org.

build your own mars helicopter

Build Your Own Mars Helicopter

Web: If you are fascinated by Ingenuity making several successful flights on Mars, now you can build your own version of the helicopter. As part of the 2022 AMA Jr. Camp curriculum, free plans to build an Ingenuity Rotorcraft are available online at www.amaflightschool.org/content/ama-jr-camp-2022-project-4. Have fun building something that is out of this world!

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