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As seen in the March 2023 issue of Model Aviation.

Spektrum iX14 Transmitter: A Review by Greg Gimlick

Web: Looking for the latest and greatest transmitter to add to your arsenal? According to Greg Gimlick, you should look no further! The Spektrum iX14 transmitter offers great features for mid- to advance-level pilots. Greg provided two reviews of this transmitter: one written and one video. In both, he provides great insight into the pros, cons, and unique specifications about Spektrum’s latest release. To watch his video review, watch the video above. His written review can be found on page 37 of this issue.

Download and Purchase Plans: Larry Kruse’s May Bee

LarryKruz May bee

Web: The late Larry Kruse designed a flat-foam model before he passed that he named the May Bee. He designed it to be flown both indoors and outdoors, each successful with miniscule adjustments to the trim. The May Bee is a tried-and-true model—one that all fliers should consider adding to their collection. To purchase the plans from AMA’s Plan Service website, visit The plans are also available for free download at

Looking Back: The 2022 CL Nats

Web: The 2023 Control Line (CL) Nats will be here in no time! This year’s CL Nats will take place on July 9-14, 2023—that’s only four months away! In honor of these upcoming events, and to perhaps gain some inspiration, check out last year’s CL Nats highlights! To view the event’s highlights, visit

Joe Outdoors: "The only thing better than round-d-round on lines is round-d-round in a thermal at 1,700 feet. Cool clip, made me think of building the Lil’ Satan kit I have had for 45 years."

Flyer Mikey: "If my Dad was still alive we would be there. He flew Carrier in those days."




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