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Features in the July 2013 issue of Model Aviation magazine and app. Bonus content including the full parts list. Order plans and the laser kit online.

Click here to download additional content and parts list from the author.

The entire article is on page 33 in the July 2013 issue and additional bonus photos are the July app.

Order The Canarrow Plans

Canarrow Sailplane: This two-meter canard from Daniel Fritz features a 752-square-inch lifting area. Plans cost $19.00 plus shipping and handling. Please allow at least one to three weeks for delivery within the United States—longer for overseas. All domestic plans are shipped rolled via priority mail. All foreign orders are folded and shipped First Class.

Order the Canarrow Kit (plans must be purchased separately above)

If you would like to order a laser kit visit our partner using the button below. Please note the kit DOES NOT include the plans. You must purchase the plans above.

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