Chris Mulcahy

Chris's column is published monthly. His email is [email protected].
I’ve been flying RC aircraft since about 2000. I started out with helicopters, despite the fact that I didn’t know anyone who flew them. There was something about the precision of helicopters that appealed to me, so I bought my very first helicopter, a Lite Machines LMH 110.
I spent many months learning how to hover in my backyard, and after a lot of frustration, repairs, and determination, I finally made it out to a local flying field where I learned about the AMA, and more about the hobby in general. Throughout the years I have continued to fly helicopters, but I’ve also ventured into airplanes—particularly Giant Scale aerobatic airplanes. I honed my airplane skills by practicing and competing in IMAC for a couple of seasons, while also having fun with 3-D flying. I picked up my fixed-wing turbine waiver in 2006, and also became an AMA contest director. I’ve flown many different types of models since then, built several kits, and recently I have started Pylon Racing. I began writing reviews for in 2009, as well as eventually becoming the administrator for their helicopter sister site, I travel to events throughout the year to bring photo and video coverage to the websites, and have met a lot of awesome people along the way, many of whom I’m proud to call friends. Outside of the hobby I am a freelance graphic artist, amateur photographer/videographer, and an avid mountain biker.
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