Worth a Closer Look: Balsa USA Large Build Caddy

Worth a Closer Look: Balsa USA Large Build Caddy


Originally seen in the April 2022 Model Aviation

When we build a model, keeping frequently used items in the same place saves time and the frustration of looking for tools and CA glue. This tool caddy will help you keep those tools that are used most in the same place for the next build or maintenance job and the next flying session.

Built from birch and poplar wood, the jig lock construction goes together quickly and is strong. First, lay out all of the parts and take a long look at this unit’s online assembly video by Balsa USA. This serves as your instructions. I built the drawer first and all of the parts fit perfectly. Even so, I always dry-fit all of the parts of anything I’m building, whether it is a toolbox or a model airplane.

After identifying the sides, check all of the laser-cut tabs on the sides and back of the unit, and if there are any not completely punched out, do so now. This is the main body of the Build Caddy. Use a triangle or magnets to make sure that you have a true 90° joint. Assemble the shelves to the sides, once again dry-fitting them to make sure everything fits. The bottom shelf has a smooth front. Most of the joints are really tight, which helps to assemble a strong Build Caddy.

After you finish constructing one side, flip it over and add the other side to the shelves with Balsa USA Gold Thick CA. It works fine for this assembly and no epoxy is needed. You might have to work the tabs into place. Be patient and ensure that they all fit tightly. Gold Kicker is handy to firm up the joint quickly and helps eliminate a longer build time.

The back of the unit took more time than the other steps, but there are many tabs to make sure that you obtain a good, tight glue joint. I used a small, flat-head screwdriver to work some of those tabs into place. When finished with this, add the thick CA to it and use a paper towel or tissue to wipe off the excess adhesive. Check your drawers to make sure that they fit and add the shelf keeper to the top inside of the two slots that hold the shelves in place.

Now add the side tool holders to each side. That’s about it! It’s simple and the wood looks quite nice. You could finish it with a stain or varnish, paint it, or just leave it as raw wood. The Caddy builds quickly after you understand the construction steps.

For all of those special tools that you use on every build, this is a great organizer and timesaver. I can see this on a rollaround cart in the shop!


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I have one and it built fast and really helped organize my bench

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