Dave Garwood

Dave’s column is featured bi-monthly in the February, April, June, August, October, and December issues. His email address is [email protected]
I’m Dave Garwood. I live in upstate New York, about halfway between New York City and Montreal. I’m a retired planner and now volunteer in adult literacy and volunteer at the regional food bank.
I started flying CL models with my father while in junior high school and continued with my wife until my late 20s. I began flying RC in 1988. I have built and flown 115 RC Sailplanes. I have competed in RC Thermal Soaring, RC Slope Soaring, and Altitude Limited Electric Soaring.
My personal modeling and flying interests focused on Slope Soaring and I have had the stunningly good fortune to fly Gliders at 83 Slope sites in 17 states, listed below. I’d like to fly more sites and see more states before I hang up the rock-and-roll shoes.
California—20 sites Massachusetts—18 sites Kansas—14 sites New York—8 sites Virginia—5 sites South Dakota—4 sites Utah—4 sites Indiana—2 sites Washington—2 sites Colorado—1 site New Hampshire—1 site Ohio—1 site Oregon—1 site Pennsylvania—1 site Rhode Island—1 site Vermont—1 site West Virginia—1 site
Though I’ve written for six model magazines since 1989, the best advice I ever got in this business came from a publisher at Model Aviation, who suggested that I “remember there are 50 states, and that there are modelers at all levels of experience.” I try to do that.
Let me now—and long into the future—express my thanks to the many fliers who have taught me plenty about RC flying, and thank the particular variety of stalwart who is willing to fly for the camera—especially those willing to fly for the camera more than once.
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