Dennis Norman

Dennis’ column is published quarterly: March, June, September, and December. His email address is [email protected].
Hi, I am Model Aviation’s “Free Flight Scale” columnist. I have been privileged to hold this position since 2002. My love affair with model airplanes began in 1946 at the age of 4 when my father, a returning World War II veteran in the U.S. Navy, designed and built a small FF model. I have been continuously involved with model aviation for more than 65 years (you can read more about this in the December 2011 issue of MA, pages 123-126).
I am happily married, have eight children and 10 grandchildren at this point. My children participated in model airplane contest and several of my grandchildren are following in their footsteps.
My education has included the study of art, medicine and law. I have lived in Cleveland, Ohio, since 1970 and have practiced law there for 42 years. My area of practice included administrative and trial work involving injured workers, personal injury victims, and disabled persons. I also represented an adoption agency and handled private adoptive work for many years.
In December 1966, I published my first model aviation article. It was in Model Airplane News and centered on a scratch-built, rubber-powered, FF Scale version of the de Havilland Mosquito. Throughout the years I have also written articles for Flying Models, Model Builder, Model Aviation, Air Enthusiast, and others.
Shortly after moving to Cleveland, I joined the Cleveland Free Flight Society and served as editor of the CFFS newsletter, Crosswinds. I still publish occasionally in Crosswinds. I have been a member of the Flying Aces Club (FAC) since the 1970s and have written articles for Flying Aces News. I competed actively in FAC contests and rose to the rank of Air Marshall. The FAC inducted me into their Hall of Fame in 2008.
I am probably best known for designing and building multi-engined, rubber-powered FF models. My other hobby interests include drawing, painting, sculpting, and movies. I welcome your questions and comments. If I do not know the answers to your questions, I will be happy to direct you to experts who do!
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John is wondering why he did not receive the crosswinds this year and would also like to talk with you. I can email his phone number or you can send me yours! He would appreciate your response. Thank you.

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