Fred Cronenwett

Bob’s column is published bi-monthly in the February, April, June, August, October, and December issues. His email is [email protected].
Hello there! I am Fred Cronenwett and I live in St. Louis, Missouri. When I was 12 years old I had the opportunity to stay with the family of Luciano Nustrini, who introduced me to full-scale aircraft, model airplanes, and photography. While I was in Florence, Italy, with Luciano’s family, we flew model airplanes and I was introduced to full-scale aircraft with a flight over Florence, which I will never forget. When I got home to Denver I started reading about full-scale aircraft and model airplanes. I soon discovered CL models and picked up a Carl Goldberg Jumping Bean. I also had the chance to attend an airshow where I met Pappy Boyington and saw Art Scholl fly his Super Chipmunk. From that point forward I have been hooked on full-scale aircraft, photography, and CL models. I started with the Jumping Bean and learned how to fly CL with the Cox-powered model. I then got the Carl Goldberg P-40 with a Fox 35 Stunt and flew that when I got the chance. I attended Colorado State University for my mechanical engineering degree and have worked for the Boeing Company since 1988. One of my other pastimes after college was to attend warbird airshows and take photographs. I have been building and flying CL Scale models since 1988. I have flown CL Navy Carrier on the side, but have always flown CL Scale. I used the information I got from the books and airshows to build and fly CL Scale models. As a contest director, event director, and competitor, I have attended local and regional contests and several Nationals. While living in the Los Angeles area, our CL club sponsored several contests each year. I also would attend other contests in the California, Colorado, and Oregon area until I moved to the Midwest in 2003. I was national champion in CL Profile Scale in 2013 with an electric-powered B-29 model that was scratch built. I have designed and built CL Scale models from my own plans. I have also built models from kits or magazine plans and have flown CL Scale models off of an actual water pond with floats at the Northwest Regionals in Roseburg, Oregon. I am always trying new ideas and concepts with test models including float airplanes, multi-engine, electric, four-strokes and glow-powered models. In the 1990 timeframe, I wanted to learn more about electronic controls for CL Scale models and in 2001 ended up writing a book that sold more than 300 copies. I am part of the Lafayette Esquadrille CL club in St. Louis, Missouri, where we host three contests per year. What I love about this hobby is that we all learn from each other as we fly together at the local flying sites and multiple contests flown during the year.
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