Genie Redux

Written and designed by J.G. Pailet Read an abridged summary relating to the article. Find the entire feature on page 41 in the March 2012 issue.

Nearly every time I rub the old lamp I found years ago, another Genie pops out! The last Genie was in 2001, and was also known as the Classic 320 (September 2002 MA).

The Genie Redux made its first appearance in 2004. Previous incarnations were in 1999, 1998, 1997 (July 1997 MA), and 1995.

Progress in design is usually the result of inspiration (the pylon and high thrustline concepts) or innovation (incremental improvements in existing concepts). The Genie Redux design history falls into the latter category.

It is an evolution extending through more than 15 years. Each incremental change was an attempt to improve—aerodynamically and/or structurally—on the predecessor. There were no giant leaps forward. Progressive steps of improvement and refinement were the intent and result.

The airplanes were simple, straightforward designs with no auto surfaces! All proved to be competitive with their high-tech contemporaries. Technology played a part only in the use of carbon and Kevlar materials for some structural components.

I must share credit for the success of these models with my regular design and engineering consultants: Don Broggini, John Carbone, Bob Hatscheck, and Joe Mollendorf. Thanks, guys! Another thank-you goes to Jim O’Reilly for the excellent computer-generated plans.

The Genie Redux was one of the National Free Flight Society’s 2010 Models of the Year.

Read the entire article and the build process on page 41 in the March 2012 issue of Model Aviation.

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